In-Kind Program


In-Kind Gifts Program is one of the Major Programs of Helping Hand for Relief & Development.
In-Kind Gifts Program is used both for immediate, short, and long term help; and is very integral part of our works.

  • Maximum utilization of donation that fulfills the needs of beneficiaries and satisfies the donor has desired objectives.
  • To provide In-Kind Gifts to most Needy:
    • Syrian Refugees in neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey;
    • Palestinian Families in Gaza along-with Palestinian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon;
    • Local Jordanian Families;
    • Local Lebanese Families.
  • To minimize the sufferings of these deprived families especially Syrian and Palestinian Refugees.

No. of beneficiaries and containers

No. of Containers 250 Containers
Containers Value
Administrative offices in the following States: Chicago, California, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, Texas, Maryland and Newland.
Target Community
  • Syrian Refugees
  • Palestinian Refugees
  • Needy Jordanian
Area of Distribution
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Gaza Strip
Total No. of Beneficiaries 1,774,800 Beneficiaries